What is a 'Miracle Morning'?
Learn How the 30Mornings Challenge Can Help You Master Your Day and Achieve Your Goals?
What is The 30Mornings Challenge?

The 30Mornings Challenge for Professionals was created by bestselling author Michael J. Maher.  After writing (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication, and co-authored The Miracle Morning For Real Estate AgentsMichael found that many professionals wanted more than merely being told the strategies, concepts, tactics and best practices of high achievers.

Whether you're a real estate professional, a business owner, or in sales, we ALL share one thing in common: we're all striving to get to the NEXT LEVEL of personal and professional success.  

We want to take our lives, our businesses, and ourselves to the next level.  Success is simple! Find out what successful people do - and then just do what they do.  

So why is it so hard?  And why doesn’t it happen a lot of the time?  Remember blowing soap bubbles as a kid? You’d dip the bubble wand into the soap and then blow bubble after bubble.  But if you blew too hard the bubble burst. That’s what happens with those trying to implement the habits of the successful.  Too often, we try to incorporate all of it at once rather than gradually.  Our comfort zone is much like that bubble.  To grow it, we must ease into it gently – or it bursts.  

If we are thinking we can go from couch to marathon, we will most likely be disappointed and perhaps injured.  We don’t just jump to running a marathon.  We gently ease into running. 

It is the same way with your Morning Ritual.  To own our Morning Ritual, we must write it down, tweak it, and over time, hone it.  That's why Michael created the 30Mornings Challenge.  The 30Mornings Challenge will guide you step-by-step in HOW to create and implement your ultimate Morning Ritual as part of your daily routine.  

In just 30 days, our Certified Mornings Coaches will gently guide you into mastering a morning ritual that will not only change the way you wake up, but it will transform how you live!  Learn how to be on purpose, more productive, and feel accomplished while doing it - one step at a time.

What's Included In The Challenge?
  • Interactive instruction led by Michael J. Maher's - Certified Morning Coaches. 
  • Daily interactive webinars Monday - Friday  - The webinars start at 7:30am EST the first week, and then gently get  15 minutes earlier each week so you don't experience success suicide. 
  • Access to various digital support apps. - Use these to customize your miracle morning experience to YOU.  
  • Membership to private Facebook group. - This is a POWERFUL COMMUNITY where other members share their wins and struggles and support each other through the 30 day challenge.  You will also post your various "homework" assignments throughout the course and hold each other accountable to success.
  • Custom 30Mornings Journal (designed by Michael J. Maher) - The journal will guide you step-by-step towards your goals.
  • FREE Business Coaching Call - The call is customized to help solve your business challenges as quickly as possible.
Meet Your Coaches

Tony Scarpero

Certified Morning Coach 
Certified Referral Coach
Certified Referral Trainer - Master Series

Mortgage Lender/Branch Manager

Jennifer Scarpero

Certified Morning Coach 
Certified Referral Coach
Certified Referral Trainer - Master Series

Interior Designer/Renovator
New Mom

After spending nearly 20 years working as a mortgage lender, Tony understands the challenges and hectic schedules that many real estate professionals face every day.  In January 2016 Tony accepted the challenge from his fiancé, Jennifer Hatcher, to change their lives by making some rather simple adjustments to their morning schedules.  

Their results, like many others who have taken on the challenge, are astounding.  Prior to implementing the Miracle Morning lifestyle the two would wake up many mornings to the "alarm clock" sounds of their baby screaming that she was ready to be fed, followed by the rest of their entire day unfolding in a chaotic and reactive way.  This led to lots of frustration by feeling unfocused and ineffective in many areas of their lives.  Since consistently taking part in The 30Mornings Challenge for Real Estate Professionals, both have seen their lives improve in many areas. 

Specifically, Tony and Jenn have both become more centered and calm, and their confidence and negotiation skills have improved dramatically.  Tony has seen his business increase over 150% (while working less hours!) and Jenn has seen her interior design/renovation business explode as well as landing two property flip deals on homes that were not even listed for sale since starting this program.  Tony has also experienced much of his lower back pain subside, has dropped a full pant size in a few short months, and is back to racing bicycles (his favorite hobby). 

Jenn has lost much of that hard to lose baby weight, and has now mastered the perfect blend of being a stay at home Mom while running a successful six-figure design/renovation business.  Additionally, the two have altered their mindset and improved their communication with clients as well as each other, which has led to being much more effective in many facets of their lives.  They both also have the tools to track and measure their successes allowing them to look back and see where they started compared to where they are now.

After a few short months of seeing massive improvements they both then took on the next challenge of sharing this newfound power with others and took on the work to become a Certified Mornings Coach under Michael J. Maher's guidance.  Through their mastery of the program and Michael's leadership, they will walk you step-by-step through the challenge ensuring your success! 

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to change YOUR life forever!!

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